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Technical and Operator Training

Komatsu Training Academy mechanical and electrical training will provide you with the skills required as a mechanical and electrical tradesperson in the areas of technical servicing, diagnostics and maintenance. Technical Training modules are arranged by machine type, model or technology platform (such as hydraulics, electrics and engines).
Komatsu technical training covers all machine types, and is suitable for both in-house Komatsu tradespeople and those employed externally by Komatsu customers.
Technical and Operator Training Programs
The various technical and non technical operator training programs that are available through Komatsu Training Academy include:
Komatsu Total Technical Picture (KTTP) – 4 days
This is a bridging program for those new to Komatsu products, and the earthmoving and heavy equipment industry.
Machine-Specific Technical Training (4-levels)
These courses  (duration varies depending on machine type and availability) are machine-specific programs based on the Komatsu four-level machine course, aligned to the technical skills required for each machine type. Each level develops and builds knowledge and skills; successful completion of each level is a prerequisite to proceed to the next level. These courses can be customised to specific machine types.
Electric-Drive Truck Technical Training (4-levels) – 4 days
This course delivers mechanical and engine training for electric-drive trucks. Each level develops and builds knowledge and skills; successful completion of each level is a prerequisite to proceed to the next level.
Mining Operator Training
This training (duration will vary depending on experience of participant) offers full theory and practical training, including assessments, required before participants are endorsed to operate machinery. This program can include train-the-trainer or  train-the-operator elements purpose-designed to meet specific customer needs.
Komatsu Advanced Electrical Propulsion Course – 3 days
This course provides participants with the required knowledge, skills and practices to identify electrical components, conduct fault finding, undertake safe testing and use of software to conduct analysis and evaluate data for troubleshooting on self-propelled earthmoving equipment.
Restricted Electrical Licence (REL) Mobile Mining Permit (MMP) Course – 5 days
This course provides successful trainees with an REL to enable Disconnect and reconnect of 3.3kv electric propulsion components of self-propelled earthmoving vehicles. This nationally recognised course provides participants with the required knowledge, skills and practices to enable them to safely carry out all required tasks. For more information on this course, please see our separate REL Course flyer.
Course Content
Komatsu Total Technical Picture (KTTP) – 4 days
KTTP is a four-day course recommended for employees new to Komatsu products or the earthmoving industry. It covers the basic principles required to give all participants the fundamentals to perform the underpinning tasks of their role. In addition, all participants will be given a holistic view of Komatsu technical training (first level). This program covers the following:
Komatsu Literature and Service Environment – 1 day
Provides participants with knowledge of Komatsu manuals and their contents, along with availability of other sources of information, and a thorough understanding of correct paperwork, forms and their applications. Content can be modified to suit customer-specific applications if required.
Komatsu Hydraulics – 1 day
Provides participants with fundamental knowledge of hydraulic applications for earthmoving equipment generally, and specifically to Komatsu equipment. Participants will be given the skills to use and understand circuit diagrams and fundamental operating principals of the main hydraulic circuits.
Komatsu Electrical – 1 day
This unit gives participants fundamental knowledge of electrical systems as they apply to earthmoving equipment generally, and specifically to Komatsu equipment. It will provide participants with the skills to use testing and diagnostic equipment using diagrams and circuit principles.
Troubleshooting – 1 day
This unit provides  participants with the relevant techniques and knowledge to assist with diagnostics and troubleshooting for hydraulics and electrical circuits, using schematics and other supporting resources.
Machine/specific Technical Training – (duration varies depending on machine type and availability):
Technical training is aimed at the skills needs of mechanical and electrical trade’s people in the areas of technical service and maintenance training, and can be customised by machine type and model or technology platform (such as hydraulics, electrics, engines, etc).
These courses (which are customised to meet specific organisational or site requirements) give participants hands-on experience with specific types of machinery, incorporating all safety aspects.
Each level develops and builds skills, familiarisation and knowledge in each participant, and successful completion is a prerequisite to the next level. This training is up to a full four-day program, tailored to your company’s requirements (NOTE: Level 1 training may not always be required).
Level 1: Introduction and general service (1 day)
v  Identify safety requirements for maintenance and repair
v  Demonstrate knowledge of design features and characteristics
v  Locate and identify major components
v  Describe operational differences between previous model machines
v  List optional equipment available for the machine
v  Locate service points, describe specific service requirements as stated in the operating manual.
  Level 2: Structure and function (1 day)
v  Describe design concepts of each of the machine’s  systems
v  Demonstrate working knowledge of circuit diagrams relevant to the machine
v  Describe the principles of operation of all major systems on the machine
v  Demonstrate all safety precautions and procedures relevant to the machine.
 Level 3: Test and adjust (1 day)
v  Use of correct test equipment in maintaining the machine
v  Test and adjust engine components and powertrain (including hydraulics and electrical systems)
v  Interpret schematic drawings for hydraulic and electrical systems
v  Safety precautions to be observed when tests and adjustments are conducted on the machine.
Level 4: Troubleshooting (1 day)
v  Ensuring all safety requirements are observed when evaluating and diagnosing the machine
v  Evaluate and diagnose engine faults, powertrain, undercarriage, electrical control system and hydraulic equipment.
All levels listed above can be customised for all machine types.
Electric-drive Truck Training (4-level course) – 4 days
This course provides mechanical, engine and electrical training for electric-drive trucks based on the same four-level structure of our machine-specific training courses.
In addition, Komatsu Training Academy can provide technical training specific to the electrical propulsion systems of Komatsu AC and DC drive system trucks, including the Invertex and Statex systems, Quad Chopper and fuel saver systems.
Advanced Electrical Propulsion Course – 3 days
This course has been developed to deliver training for service tradespeople working on Komatsu electric-drive trucks. On completion, all participants will have the knowledge and skills to:
v  Understand the operation of Quad choppers, fuel saver and other installed options
v  Conduct fault finding propulsion components by structured testing plans
v  Undertake safe testing and fault finding philosophies
v  Methods of identifying components and theory of operation.
v  Use of wPTU software for troubleshooting
v  Use of graphical techniques to simplify data handling for truck performance analysis.
v  Capture data and test results to prewritten scenarios
v  Evaluate data from wPTU/DID/VHMS and Interface module
v  Invertex 1e layout and operation.
Mining Operator Training – varying duration
Komatsu Training Academy’s mining operator training provides participants with the knowledge and skills to operate load shifting equipment, conduct basic operator maintenance, and to plan and prepare for daily operations. NOTE: Duration of this course will vary depending on the experience of the trainee.
On completion of this course participants will be able to
v  Demonstrate all safety precautions when operating the machine, including safe operating practices
v  Identify and locate major components of Komatsu machines
v  Locate and identify functions of cab fixtures including monitor panel
v  Demonstrate an understanding of emergency warning systems, steering and brake systems of the machine
v  Conduct correct walk around inspection techniques
v  Undertake effective operating procedures of the machine
This training is followed by practical assessment observation and instruction as required to ensure each operator operates the machinery safely, efficiently and in line with industry requirements.
Customer Benefits
Completion of these Komatsu Training Academy technical and operator training courses offer a number of benefits to customers across their operations.
These include:
» Assurance that tradespeople’s knowledge and skills are at the highest levels of quality and safety, and in line with current   technology and best practice » Fastest-possible repair and maintenance of their equipment » Reduced downtime » Higher work quality standards » Fix it first time approach » Increased and improved maintenance and repair outcomes   for customers.
Training Locations
Technical, electrical and operator training can be delivered in Komatsu Training Academy’s own training facilities or at any customer workplace or worksite throughout Australia, New Zealand or New Caledonia.
If you are unsure of what's right for you, or would like to discuss this and other Komatsu Training Academy programs in more detail, please call us on 1300 390 377.