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Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis - KOWA



What is KOWA?

Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA) is the spearhead of our Condition Monitoring Services (CMS). Your equipment is the lifeblood of your business and KOWA works like a blood test for your machine. There are normal wear rates for each moving component and as these parts wear particles appear in the oil. These particles are small but easily detected through regular KOWA use. KOWA highlights increases in the quantity of contaminants and can identify areas of concern, allowing preventative action before a failure. Continued and consistent KOWA use will provide a clear picture of your machines health, potentially saving you valuable time and money.
Why use KOWA?
No other service can detect trend changes or detect contaminant problems as accurately as KOWA. In the lab we identify microscopic contaminants or deposits in your lubricants, coolant, grease, etc. and run these results against your machine history to attribute specific wear trends. This preventative diagnostic process, combined with scheduled maintenance, will help avoid expensive and unscheduled catastrophic failures. By monitoring fuel, air and cooling systems in any piece of your machinery and by utilising customised testing, you can operate your business confidently with the knowledge of what’s happening inside your machines.
How Does KOWA Work?
2. Report
3. Recommendation
4. Informed Choice
An oil sample is taken and CMS technicians provide you with analysis using our unrivalled technology
CMS technicians provide you with exact data detailing wear patterns and trends in the major components of your equipment
Our recommendations are based on early detection and preventative maintenance
Based on fact, you make
decisions to maximise your equipment life and benefit your business
Our Facilities
At Komatsu Australia we currently boast three state-of-the art CMS Laboratories located in Perth, Newcastle and Brisbane. However, we can arrange a condition monitoring consultation anywhere in Australia, so contact Komatsu today on 1300 566 287.
A single doorway to your Komatsu data is a single doorway to your Komatsu data. myKomatsu has been specifically designed to give all customers better access to Condition Monitoring Service (CMS) results and data, such as KOWA reports. A new, user friendly interface allows you to browse your oil sample results and view, download or email reports from a single location. If you do not already have your own login details please email us at or phone 1300 566 287 to have a new account assigned.